[The scope of clinical applications of noninvasive methods for the assessment of liver fibrosis results of orginial studies in a multi-field hospital].

Klinicheskaia meditsina

Pavlov ChS, Glushenkov DV, Konovalova ON, Ivashkin VT

2009 Klin Med (Mosk) Volume 87 Issue 11

PubMed 20143565 DOI None

FibroTest Independant Team vs. Elastography HCV HBV Fibrosis Regional

Potential and limitations of non-invasive methods for the evaluation of hepatic fibrosis are discussed (hepatic elastography, fibrotest, ultrasound dopplerography of portal vessels). Each non-invasive method was assessed in terms of threshold values it provides for the characteristic of successive stages ofhepatic fibrosis. The data obtained were used to develop the optimal algorithm for the diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis in patients with chronic viral liver infection.

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