[The diagnostic value of non-invasive biochemical biomarkers in alcohol abuse].

Polski merkuriusz lekarski : organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego

Supronowicz Ł, Wójtowicz E, Cylwik B, Gruszewska E, Chrostek L

2013 Pol. Merkur. Lekarski Volume 35 Issue 207

PubMed 24224451 DOI None

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FibroTest SteatoTest AshTest Reliability Independant Team Alcohol Fibrosis Steatosis Activity/Inflammation


The diagnosis of alcoholic liver disease, steatosis, fibrosis and alcoholic steatohepatitis, can be evaluated by means of non-invasive biochemical biomarkers: SteatoTest, FibroTest and AshTest. The aim of the study was to evaluate the diagnostic usefulness of these tests for the detection of steatosis, fibrosis and alcoholic steatohepatitis in alcohol abusing patients.


The experimental group comprised 137 alcohol-dependent subjects. The control group was consisted of 50 healthy social drinkers. Ten biochemical assays were determined according to methods recommended by the provider of the tests - BioPredictive company. The scores were computed by the company according to the bilateral agreement.


The diagnostic sensitivity and specificity were as follows: 61.9% and 93.9% for SteatoTest, 61.3% and 93.9% for FibroTest and 9.6% and 93.9% forAsh Test. The diagnostic power of Steato Test (A UC = 0.806) and FibroTest (AUC = 0.795) were significantly higher than the diagnostic power of AshTest (AUC = 0.626) but did not differ from each other. The probability of a positive test results of Steato Test and FibroTest is 10-times more likely in alcoholics than in healthy individuals.


SteatoTest and FibroTest can be useful diagnostic tool for the detection of liver steatosis and fibrosis in alcohol-dependent patients but cannot differentiate of these clinical conditions.

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