[The value of noninvasive serological markers in hepatitis B].

Gastroenterología y hepatología

García-Samaniego J, Romero M

2014 Gastroenterol Hepatol Volume 37 Suppl 2 Issue None

PubMed 25087708 DOI 10.1016/S0210-5705(14)70065-2

Review FibroTest Reliability Independant Team vs. Biopsy vs. Elastography vs. Biomarkers HBV Fibrosis

Bloodless methods (serological and imaging) for evaluating hepatic fibrosis constitute a good alternative to biopsies in the diagnosis and monitoring of the progression of chronic hepatitis C infection, but the available information for hepatitis B is scarcer. A recent literature review, however, allows us to conclude that noninvasive serological methods constitute a useful tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of the progression of fibrosis in patients with hepatitis B infection, as occurs in the case of hepatitis C. The combination of any of these methods (particularly the FibroTest) with transient elastometry increases the precision and predictive value for fibrosis in these patients.

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