Systematic review with meta-analysis: direct comparisons of biomarkers for the diagnosis of fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C and B.

Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics

Houot M, Ngo Y, Munteanu M, Marque S, Poynard T

2016 Aliment. Pharmacol. Ther. Volume 43 Issue 1

PubMed 26516104 DOI 10.1111/apt.13446

Meta-Analysis FibroTest Methodology vs. Elastography vs. Biomarkers HCV HBV Fibrosis Cirrhosis


Blood tests and transient elastography (TE), proposed as alternatives to biopsy for identifying advanced fibrosis (METAVIR-stage-F2 or greater) or cirrhosis, have never been compared using an intention to diagnose approach, with direct comparisons only, and Bayesian approach.


To permit more appropriate comparisons.


From an overview of articles (2002-2014), we selected studies that directly compared the diagnostic accuracy of FibroTest, aspartate aminotransferase-platelet ratio index (APRI), FIB4 or TE, with biopsy as a reference, in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) or B (CHB). Investigators abstracted and checked study details and quality by using pre-defined criteria. Bayesian method in intention to diagnose was the primary outcome.


Of 1321 articles identified, 71 studies including 77 groups according to aetiology (All-CB) were eligible: 37 Only-C, 28 Only-B and 12 Mixed-C-B. There were 185 direct comparisons between the area under the ROC curves (AUROCs), 99 for the diagnosis of advanced fibrosis and 86 for cirrhosis. In All-CB, Bayesian analyses revealed significant AUROCs differences in identifying advanced fibrosis in favour of FibroTest vs. TE [credibility interval: 0.06(0.02-0.09)], FibroTest vs. APRI [0.05 (0.03-0.07)] and for identifying cirrhosis TE vs. APRI [0.07 (0.02-0.13)] and FIB4 vs. APRI [0.04(0.02-0.05)]. No differences were observed between TE and FibroTest, for identifying cirrhosis in All-CB, and in sub-groups (Only-C, Only-B, Mixed-CB) for both cirrhosis and fibrosis.


In CHC and CHB, APRI had lower performances than FIB-4, TE and FibroTest. TE had lower performance than FibroTest for identifying advanced fibrosis in All-CB, without significant difference for identifying cirrhosis in all groups.

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