Optimal correlation between different instruments for Fibrotest-Actitest protein measurement in patients with chronic hepatitis C.

Gastroentérologie clinique et biologique

Rosenthal-Allieri MA, Tran A, Halfon P, Imbert-Bismut F, Munteanu M, Messous D, Peritore ML, Poynard T, Bernard A

2007 Gastroenterol. Clin. Biol. Volume 31 Issue 10

PubMed 18166859 DOI None

FibroTest ActiTest Analytics HCV Fibrosis Activity/Inflammation


Combination of alpha 2-macroglobulin, haptoglobin, apolipoprotein-A1, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase, total bilirubin and alanine aminotransferase measurements allows to determine the Fibrotest-Actitest score, an alternative to liver biopsy in hepatitis C virus infection. The aims of this study were to evaluate the analytical variability of the Fibrotest-Actitest proteins alpha 2-macroglobulin, haptoglobin and apolipoprotein-A1, and to assess their impact on the Fibrotest-Actitest scores.


We compared 129 sera from hepatitis C virus infected patients for alpha 2-macroglobulin, haptoglobin and apolipoprotein-A1 levels obtained with the Immage (Beckman-Coulter) and the BNProspec (Dade-Berhing) automates. We evaluated Fibrotest-Actitest results obtained with the two nephelemeters.


Optimal correlation was found for alpha 2-macroglobulin (Y=1.05X + 0.01, correlation coefficient: 0.98) and haptoglobin (Y=1.05X - 0.07, correlation coefficient: 0.98). Apolipoprotein-A1 levels, as determined by Immage, were slightly lower than those obtained by BNProspec (Y=0.86X - 0.02, CC=0.95). When Fibrotest-Actitest scores obtained with the two protein measurements were compared adjusting for apolipoprotein-A1 from Immage, the concordance rate was 0.903+/-0.096, with only 2/107 patients showing minimal discordance>0.10 for Fibrotest, and 1.00+/-0.06 for Actitest, with no discordance>0.10.


Measurement of apolipoprotein-A1, included in the Fibrotest-Actitest score, depends on the equipment used. Such discordance is of little clinical consequence for liver fibrosis evaluation in hepatitis C virus patients.

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